ResearchCan is an independent team receiving funds from community, philanthropies foundation and private investor donations to support our research and rapidly achieve our final goal.

With this support we aim at obtaining government and industry funding creating scientific prove and innovative treatments to drive the medical cannabis research in Australia.

Investing in ResearchCan

ResearchCan is growing fast

Thanks to the sophisticated medical research and pharmaceutical goods development will become a strong therapeutic alternative in the medicine field. We are also looking for an investor who can bring great business acumen, visibility and funding that can assist in taking this company to the international pharmaceutical business.

We are expanding our operation in Australia and internationally. If you are interested in investing in our ResearchCan Pty Ltd, then please contact us at

Thank you for your interest in investing in our company and in helping to create and market our revolutionary medical cannabis products in Australia.

Partnership with ResearchCan

ResearchCan is increasing collaborations to implement its medical service

We are collaborating with medicinal cannabis research businesses for the evaluation of extracted compounds. This collaboration will create the scientific results to obtain the most suitable product for medical market. We are collaborating with non profit organizations to implement the medical knowledge of cannabis to help many patients to obtain suitable treatment. Everyday more patients are recurring to cannabinoids therapies to treat uncurable diseases. We need to create the information and the possibility for this people to access proper formulations to treat their chronic and debilitating diseases.

We are expanding our operation in Australia and internationally. If you are interested in becoming a ResearchCan Pty Ltd partner, then please contact us at

Donation to ResearchCan

Nowadays donations are an important tool to solve worldwide issues especially when legislation and governments are often conservative. Everyone in our team unfortunately has a friend, a parent or a familiar with health problems, where cannabis could radically change their life. Diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis and others are destroying many family’s lives. If you believe like us that this people deserve new solutions, please help us doing it. Contact as at